Ghanem F. Oweis

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Motivated by the need to predict vortex cavitation inception, a study has been conducted to investigate bubble capture by a concentrated line vortex of core size rc and circulation G0 under noncavitating and cavitating conditions. Direct numerical simulations that solve simultaneously for the two phase flow field, as well as a simpler one-way coupled(More)
Hemodynamic forces play an important role in maintaining the function and structure of blood vessels. In this work we discuss the design of an in vitro flow loop mimicking the aortic arch that is aimed at studying the response of endothelial cells to geometric curvature and the resulting flow field. The flow system allows for quantitative flow visualization(More)
The total cavo pulmonary connection, or TCPC, is a surgical correction to congenital heart defects. The geometry of this connection has been shown to determine the fluid power loss as well as the distribution of hepatic fluid that enters through the inferior vena cava. In vitro studies were performed to measure the power loss and hepatic fluid distribution(More)
Transcutaneous focused ultrasound (US) is used to propel kidney stones using acoustic radiation force. It is important to estimate the level of heating generated at the stone/tissue interface for safety assessment. An in-vitro experiment is conducted to measure the temperature rise in a tissue-mimicking phantom with an embedded artificial stone and(More)
Free field experimental measurements of the temperature rise of water in the focal region of a 2 MHz high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) transducer were performed. The transducer was operated in pulse-mode with millisecond bursts, at acoustic intensities of 5 to 18.5 kW/cm(2) at the focus, resulting in non-linear wave propagation and shock wave(More)
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