Ghana Shyam Gurung

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Crossed testicular ectopia also known as transverse testicular ectopia is a rare anomaly of the testis which is ectopically located in contralateral hemiscrotum with absent testis in the ipsilateral hemiscrotum. Most case are incidentally discovered intraopeartively during operation of inguinal hernia and few case reports are available which have reported(More)
Health Facility Operation and Management Committee are supposed to govern all the affairs of local health facilities under decentralization policy. The capacity building of the committee was deemed necessary and thus different stakeholders involved in the capacity building process. All agreed up on the need of capacity building of the committee but there(More)
Nepal's efforts to decentralize its governance date back to over half a century. These efforts remained incomplete due to different reasons including administrative responses and political development affecting its implementation. The Local Self Governance Act (LSGA), 1999 envisaged, for the first time, to decentralize governance in the health sector(More)
Immediate proper care of newborn is vitally important for survival, growth and development of a baby. Despite several studies conducted in Nepal about maternal and child health care practices, little is known about factors that determine behaviors related to immediate care of newborn. Identification of behavioral determinants for immediate care of newborn(More)
We describe here an unusual case of thrombosis of left subclavian artery in a patient with cervical rib. The patient presented with features of ischaemia of left upper limb. X-ray chest revealed bilateral cervical ribs, longer on the left side. Color Doppler studies showed echogenic thrombus within the left subclavian artery. Angiography revealed complete(More)
Removing a degenerated myoma located around the uterine cornu by an innovative technique shelling the myoma a little away from the base by choice of a low placed incision, advantageous in terms of no requirement of blood transfusion because of the reduction in the surgical time is described in a 24 years old lady demanding a fertility conserving surgery.
BACKGROUND The sequel of disc degeneration is one of the leading causes of functional incapacity that leads to chronic disability. The study aims to evaluate the MRI findings of degenerative changes in symptomatic patients. METHODS The study was a retrospective study for the duration of 3 years. Symptomatic patients undergoing MRI of LS spine were(More)
BACKGROUND Renal transplantation is a regular service at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital and complications have been known to occur after it. This study was conducted to assess complications after transplantation. OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of urological complications after living related renal transplantation at Tribhuvan University(More)
BACKGROUND The pathophysiological findings demonstrated in cervical spine in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can explain only partly the occurrence of neck and shoulder pain. This study aims to evaluate the occurrence of cervical degenerative disc pathologies in symptomatic patient with neck pain and radiculopathy. METHODS The study was a retrospective(More)
The source populations of tigers are mostly confined to protected areas, which are now becoming isolated. A landscape scale conservation strategy should strive to facilitate dispersal and survival of dispersing tigers by managing habitat corridors that enable tigers to traverse the matrix with minimal conflict. We present evidence for tiger dispersal along(More)