Ghana K. Vasanth

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The efficacy of a microbial feed additive (Bactocell(®)) in countering intestinal inflammation in Atlantic salmon was examined in this study. Fish were fed either the additive-coated feed (probiotic) or feed without it (control). After an initial 3-week feeding, an inflammatory condition was induced by anally intubating all the fish with oxazolone. The fish(More)
Microalgal biomass is a potential feed ingredient that can replace fishmeal and ensure sustainability standards in aquaculture. To understand the efficacy of the defatted biomass from the marine microalga, Desmodesmus sp. a 70-day feeding study was performed with Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts. Three groups of fish (av. wt. 167 g) were offered either(More)
Atlantic salmon was orally intubated with a highly purified β-glucan product (MacroGard(®)) to study the recognition of the molecule by the receptor genes, the regulation of the downstream signalling genes and global proteins, and the micromorphological changes in the intestine. The β-glucan receptor genes of Atlantic salmon, sclra, sclrb, sclrc and cr3,(More)
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