Ghali E. Ghali

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There is a growing body of information about the soluble forms of HLA in serum but there are only a few reports discussing sHLA in other body fluids. We quantitated sHLA-I and sHLA-II concentrations in sweat, saliva and tear samples from five normal individuals with known HLA-phenotypes. We also studied sweat samples from an additional 12 normal(More)
The modified superiorly based pharyngeal flap surgical technique developed by Epker et al. was performed on 13 patients with moderate to severe hypernasality. The flap base was attached close to the level of the palatal plane and was found to maintain a consistent longitudinal relationship to the level of the atlas. This technique corrected hypernasality in(More)
PURPOSE Eukaryotic initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) binds to mRNA as the initial rate-limiting step in protein synthesis. Amplification and overexpression of the eIF4E gene has been associated with malignant transformation. The objectives of this study were to 1) quantify the eIF4E gene in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) specimens, 2) quantify(More)
BACKGROUND Translation initiation factor eIF4E unwinds long 5'-untranslated regions of certain tightly regulated mRNAs and, thereby, facilitates their translation into proteins. eIF4E has been shown to be overexpressed in a majority of solid tumors, including head and neck cancers. To exploit this dysregulation, a long 5'-untranslated region was spliced(More)
Endosseous implants have revolutionized dental prosthetic rehabilitation, providing a reliable, a stable, and an aesthetic option for dental reconstruction. Dental implants have similarly improved the functionality of reconstructions following cancer surgery. The use of dental implants in oral cancer reconstruction can be divided into 2 categories: (1), for(More)
This article presents a technique of applying lag screws for treating fractures of the mandibular angle. A review of 30 patients who had lag screws placed to treat such fractures showed that it is an extremely useful, but technique-sensitive, method of providing rigid internal fixation. The advantages and complications of this technique over bone-plate(More)
BACKGROUND The overexpression of eukaryotic initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) results in the up-regulation of gene products of mRNAs with long 5' untranslated regions (5' UTRs). The degree of gene amplification increases from the tumor free zone to the tumor core. This led the authors to hypothesize that the degree of eIF4E gene amplification and oncoprotein(More)