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This paper proposes a general method for dealing with state estimation under nonlinear state soft inequality constraints. This method is based on the projection approach, and then has the advantage to be compatible with any kind of state estimator. In order to be taken into account, the nonlinear constraints are linearized about the constrained state using(More)
With the extensive use of power electronics in modern HEVs comes the need for efficient methods of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis to ensure the reliability of the electrical power system. This paper addresses sensor faults in a DC/DC power converter system interfacing the main energy storage unit and the AC drive in a hybrid electric vehicle. A(More)
A multimodel approach has been set up in this paper. The purpose is to replace a nonlinear system by a linear one combined with interval analysis approach in order to take into account uncertainties in the model. Linear systems can be easily handled with interval computation. However, nonlinear systems need complex computations as set-computation based on(More)
Failure of power electronic systems plays a substantial role in the breakdown of hybrid vehicle electric drive systems. Early detection of faults can avoid aggregation of the failure and prevent catastrophic consequences. The aim of this paper is to test the sensitivity of statistical moments on power semiconductor faults in a bidirectional DC/DC converter(More)
Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) are becoming widely spread due to the predicted lack of fuel in addition to the pollution caused by the conventional vehicles. To overcome pollution and since it is expected that the lack of fuel will more increase, it is assessed that the production and use of HEVs will increase in the coming years. The main concern of HEVs(More)
The aim of this paper is to detect the faults in industrial systems, through on-line monitoring. The faults that are concerned correspond to changes in frequency components of the signal. Thus, early fault detection, which reduces the possibility of catastrophic damage, is possible by detecting the changes of characteristic features of the signal. This(More)
This paper deals with the state estimation of a strongly nonlinear system. In a noisy state space representation setting, Central Difference Kalman Filter, Ensemble Kalman Filter and Particle Filter are tested on a second order system. The choice of estimators parameters is then discussed, and their behaviour in relation to noise is studied, in order to(More)
Gait is an emerging biometric technology. It enables biometric at a distance. The first step in gait recognition is the silhouette extraction. However, most of the work involves indoor controlled environment or well-exposed outdoor scenes. Furthermore, they are all applied to perspective-like pictures. This paper addresses a method for silhouette extraction(More)