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The widespread usage of SMS messaging system reflects its importance for the users of mobile phones. However, it is becoming extremely laborious for users to manually write, read and reply every single SMS message due to an increasing high volume of SMS messages received. This paper presents SAMS a semi-automated message annotation system, which facilitates(More)
Present era is witnessing revolution in mobile technology. Numerous devices are coming in market with a larger storage capacity. Mobile devices are equipped with many new features in cameras, office etc. More uses of devices add large number of files to storage space. File system store these files with some specific format. Due to limited UI searching of a(More)
This paper presents a new clustering algorithm based on similarity and dissimilarity measurements which applied to X-Ray Images. The main phases of that paper are (pre-processing phase which including feature extraction and find correlation among features, processing phase include applying the new algorithm called similarity and dissimilarity clustering(More)
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