Ghafour Amouzad Mahdiraji

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Discrimination of tree species with different ages is performed in three classifications using hyperspectral data. The first classification is between Broadleaves and pines; the second classification is between Broadleaves, Corsican Pines, and Scots Pines, and the third classification is between six tree species including different ages of Corsican and(More)
Duty cycle division multiplexing (DCDM) is proposed as an alternative multiplexing technique. In this technique, the channel multiplexing and demultiplexing are performed electrically. This technique allows aggregate bit rate to be recovered at the single channel bit rate, which is very economic. In this paper, we examine three channels system where each(More)
The performance of ASK over DCDM for up to seven channels is reported. The aggregate bit rate of 70 Gb/s is achieved with only 160-GHz modulation bandwidth. The clock and data recovery are realized at 10-GHz clock rate, which is very economic and efficient. At 7 × 10 Gb/s, the worst receiver sensitivity of −10 dBm, OSNR of 41.5 dB and chromatic dispersion(More)
A new dispersion map is designed for three-level code division multiplexing (3LCDM) of a 40 Gb/s (2 x 20 Gb/s) over 500 km (5 x 100km) standard single mode fiber. The results show that an 87.5 % dispersion compensation ratio was the optimum map for the 3LCDM system. The system performance is improved by 6 dB in optical signal-to-noise ratio, 6 dB in(More)
The effect of the dispersion map and nonlinearity on performance of 107 Gbps on-off-keying with different return-to-zero duty-cycle over long-haul transmission is investigated by simulation. It is observed that without existence of nonlinearity, different dispersion maps perform almost similar. However, performance difference between different dispersion(More)
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