Ghadir Radman

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BACKGROUND Natural rubber latex allergy can cause skin and respiratory symptoms The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and incidence of latex related symptoms and sensitisation among a large group of healthcare workers in Trieste hospitals, followed for three years before and after the introduction of powder-free gloves with low latex release.(More)
This paper presents the improvement obtained in voltage profile of power systems with dynamic loads using STATCOM, under various transient conditions. A composite dynamic load model, consisting of three-phase induction motors and impedance loads, is used to capture the actual load characteristics. The voltage source inverter-based STATCOM is modeled using(More)
This paper concentrates on the modeling and control of distributed generation systems including fuel cell and gas turbine. The fuel cell is onnected to the power system through a dc/ac converter, which is equipped with both voltageand power-control loops. The gas turbine is also ssumed to be equipped with both voltage-control and generation (or(More)
In this paper the impacts of voltage scheduling on the power system performance are studied for different set of key buses. The generator buses and the buses to which reactive sources are installed form the key buses for voltage scheduling. Two cases are studied for the evaluation of impacts of voltage scheduling. Casel considers the conventional IEEE(More)
This paper presents a new approach to decentralize power system state estimation based on the application of fuzzy logic. This formulation involves the use of Kalman Bucy filter based on the augmented state vector, which is formed by state variables and the parameters to be estimated. This alternative method of the combined fuzzy logic with the Kalman Bucy(More)
  • G. Radman
  • [1988] Proceedings. The Twentieth Southeastern…
  • 1988
A method is described for the design of a dynamic compensator for complete pole and zero placement. In this method the desired poles of the closed-loop system are divided in two groups of fast and slow modes. The slow poles are placed using state feedback approach and the fast poles are placed using the state estimation method. The desired transmission(More)
Power system transmission network consists of thousands of transmission lines utilized to enable the system function as required. Components failure in the transmission network accounts for most of the transient instabilities and/or blackouts that have occurred in recent years. Therefore, it is very important to identify the components of the network which(More)
This paper presents an economic and secure approach for rescuing frequency runaway after the loss of a generator unit using economic dispatch of primary reserve subject to frequency deviation and network constraints. The rapid primary frequency regulation reserve will be dispatched in an economic and secure manner as not to violate the transmission lines(More)