Ghadeer Neama

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Glucose is an important metabolite and a structural precursor for articular cartilage and its transport has significant consequences for cartilage development and functional integrity. In this study the expression of facilitative glucose transporters (GLUTs) in human chondrocytes was investigated. Results showed that at least three GLUT isoforms (GLUT1,(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent evidence suggests that human chondrocytes express several facilitative glucose transporter (GLUT) isoforms and also that 2-deoxyglucose transport is accelerated by cytokine stimulation. The aim of the present investigation was to determine if human articular chondrocytes express any of the recently identified members of the GLUT/SLC2A gene(More)
Power consumption and CO2 emission have become a major concern over the last few years. Several recent studies have shown that servers and network equipments consume up to 45% of the energy consumption of data centers [1]. Software-defined networking is a new networking paradigm that decouples the control and data functionalities; thus, makes networks(More)
The increase in demand for high network bandwidth has significantly increased the network power consumption and hence, capital expenditure and operational expenditure costs. Service providers are investigating various approaches to reduce operational and management costs, while delivering richer services across their networks. Recently, several centralized(More)
Electronic commerce has increased dramatically in recent years, because of the revolution in information technology. The services provided by e-commerce companies could be affected by several factors such as privacy, security, trusts and perceived risks. In this paper, we propose a preliminary theoretical model that investigates the relationship between(More)
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