Ghada J. Corban

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Reaction of N-methylbenzothiazole-2-thione (C8H7NS2 or NMBZT) with diiodine produced the charge-transfer (ct) complex [(NMBZT).I2] (1). NMBZT reacts with diiodine in the presence of FeCl3 in a molar ratio of 3:6:1 and forms the ionic complex [[(NMBZT)2I+].[FeCl4]-] (2) together with [[(NMBZT)2I+].[I7]-] (2a) iodonium salt. The reaction of(More)
The pressure-tuning Raman spectra of five solid, diiodine heterocyclic thioamide compounds (mbztS)I(2) (mbztS = N-methyl-2-mercaptobenzothiazole) (1); [(mbztS)(2)I](+)[I(7)](-) (2); (pySH)I(2) (pySH = 2-mercaptopyridine) (3); [(pySH)(pyS](+)[I(3)](-) (4); (thpm)(I(2))(2) or possibly [(thpm)I(2)](+)[I(3)](-) (thpm = 2-mercapto-3,4,5,6-tertahydropyrimidine(More)
The reaction of 2-pyrimidone hydrochloride ([C(4)H(5)N(2)O](+)[Cl](-) or [PMOH(2)](+)[Cl](-)) with diiodine in a dichloromethane-methanol solution resulted in the formation of ([C(4)H(5)N(2)O](+))(2)[I(2)Cl(2)](2-) (1) complex. The compound was characterized by elemental analysis, FT-IR, DTA-TG and conductivity titrations. The crystal structure of 1 was(More)
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