Ghada Awad Altarawneh

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This paper presents a new solution for choosing the K parameter in the k-nearest neighbor (KNN) algorithm, the solution depending on the idea of ensemble learning, in which a weak KNN classifier is used each time with a different K, starting from one to the square root of the size of the training set. The results of the weak classifiers are combined using(More)
We showed in this work how the Hassanat distance metric enhances the performance of the nearest neighbour classifiers. The results demonstrate the superiority of this distance metric over the traditional and most-used distances, such as Manhattan distance and Euclidian distance. Moreover, we proved that the Hassanat distance metric is invariant to data(More)
This paper investigates the problem that some Arabic names can be written in multiple ways. When someone searches for only one form of a name, neither exact nor approximate matching is appropriate for returning the multiple variants of the name. Exact matching requires the user to enter all forms of the name for the search, and approximate matching yields(More)
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