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The University of Sheffield (USFD) participated in the International Workshop for Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT) in 2014. In this paper, we will introduce the USFD SLT system for IWSLT. Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is achieved by two multi-pass deep neural network systems with adaptation and rescoring techniques. Machine translation (MT) is(More)
The use of discourse structure was shown to be effective in various applications. Meta-discourse is often used as an expression to signal discourse structure. Previous work focused on using the meta-discourse structure in written texts, or spoken material in very clean conditions. This paper presents a metadiscourse annotated corpus in a more challenging(More)
As online courses such as MOOCs become increasingly popular , there has been a dramatic increase for the demand for methods to facilitate this type of organisation. While resources for new courses are often freely available, they are generally not suitably organised into easily manageable units. In this paper, we investigate how state-of-the-art topic(More)
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