Gh. Sebestyen

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The paper presents the architecture of a distributed software system that manages patientspsila health records and assures remote and interactive access to medical services. In order to cover the complex relationships between different medical concepts (symptoms, diseases, treatment, medication, etc.) and also to include ldquointelligencerdquo in the(More)
Monitoring human activity may be useful for medical supervision and for prophylactic purposes. Mobile devices like intelligent phones or watches have multiple sensors and wireless communication capabilities which can be used for this purpose. This paper presents some integrated solutions for determining and continuous monitoring of a person’s state. Aspects(More)
The paper presents the most important implementation issues of an industrial communication protocol, the EtherCAT (Ethernet control automation technology) protocol, on an embedded Linux platform. The authors underscore critical aspects (e.g. reliability, timeliness, predictability) concerning the use of an Ethernet-like protocol in an industrial environment
Real-time scheduling of concurrent tasks on multiprocessor systems is a complex job, which implies finding a feasible solution in a multi-dimensional space. In order to reduce the search time we propose a genetic approach for two important aspects of the scheduling problem: task allocation and deadline assignment. We combine a genetic search engine with a(More)
In the distributed industrial control area activities are concentrated around two main directions that are sometimes conflicting: the development of communication tools in order to satisfy specific requirements from industrial control field and the use of the general purpose communication protocols for distributed control applications. We studied the(More)
The assimilation of multiprocessor programming into the real-time application's domain is limited because there are not enough theoretical and pragmatic tools for proving the feasibility of such systems. Theoretical results are few and tend to be too complex for a practical implementation. In this paper, we combine theoretical analysis results with(More)
The present paper describes the results of an interdisciplinary research project that combines knowledge from the domains of food processing, quality assurance, business modeling and ITC technologies in order to offer a general traceability solution for the Romanian food industry. This research complies with European Union's agricultural regulations which(More)
This paper analyses the issues concerning the implementation of a digital content management system on a GRID infrastructure. The authors propose an implementation model that benefits from the services offered by a GRID middleware. Experiments made in two cases of digital content management (multimedia streaming and digital library) demonstrated the(More)
This paper presents a framework for writing parallel benchmark programs for Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) implementations that run on multi-processor platforms. The framework supports UMA and cc-NUMA architectures such as those employed by the multi-core architectures in the recent years. It is written in Java and features some JNI code needed for(More)
The increasing popularity of using general purpose networks for real-time communication generates a number of issues which need to be analyzed. This paper has the objective of evaluating some of the solutions proposed in this specific research area and emphasizing their most important advantages and drawbacks. Moreover, a model is proposed as a solution for(More)