Gh. Barid Loghmani

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In this paper, a new computational method based on the second kind Chebyshev wavelets (SKCWs) together with the Galerkin method is proposed for solving a class of stochastic heat equation. For this purpose, a new stochastic operational matrix (SOM) for the SKCWs is derived. A collocation method based on block pulse functions (BPFs) is employed to derive a(More)
In this paper, several new iterative methods for solving nonlinear algebraic equations are presented. The iterative formulas are based on the He's homotopy perturbation method (HPM). It is shown that the new methods lead to eight algorithms which are of fifth, seventh, tenth and fourteenth order convergence. These methods result in real or complex simple(More)
In this paper, an effective direct method to determine the numerical solution of linear and nonlinear Fredholm and Volterra integral and integro-differential equations is proposed. The method is based on expanding the required approximate solution as the elements of Chebyshev cardinal functions. The operational matrices for the integration and product of(More)
In this paper, we discuss the numerical solution of space fractional diffusion equations. The method of solution is based on using Chebyshev polynomials and finite difference with Gauss-Lobatto points. The validity and reliability of this scheme is tested by its application in various space fractional diffusion equations. The obtained results reveal that(More)
In this paper, the static characteristics of two-lobe, three-lobe and four-lobe noncircular gas journal bearing systems are studied in detail. The Reynold’s equation governing the noncircular gas bearing systems are analyzed by using Radial Basis Functions (RBF). The solutions are obtained numerically by solving systems of algebraic equations. The(More)
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