Gezinus J. Hidding

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Recently, " dot-com " startups relied on the well-known concept of " first-mover advantage " to justify huge marketing expenses and large financial losses. The idea was that once the firm had gathered customers, it would keep those customers because it had a first-mover advantage. But was that assumption valid? We analyzed whether first-mover advantage(More)
The traditional risk management literature is oriented towards preventing and decreasing the impact of a crisis on an organization's Business Continuity (BC). This is generally done by identifying, analyzing and assessing the impact that certain anticipated risks would have on the organization. In contrast, there is a relative dearth of literature on what(More)
This paper discusses the identity crisis in the Information Systems (I.S.) academic discipline. It reviews how Kuhn's concepts of paradigm and (normal) science apply to I.S. and argues that I.S.'s scope is too broad and too disconnected from practice. The paper proposes that I.S. become a professional discipline, guided by issues faced by practitioners,(More)