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Tension, ischemia, and technical error are factors leading to anastomotic complications such as leak, stricture, and ulceration with bleeding. Currently, surgeons evaluate tissue ischemia without any simple routine measurement technique. A new tissue surface probe, T-Stat 303, provides continuous measurement of tissue hemoglobin oxygen saturation (StO2) and(More)
BACKGROUND Although tissue ischemia at surgical anastomoses can cause leakage, stricture, and ulceration, surgeons rely on nonquantitative measures of detecting ischemia (e.g., color changes, pulsation), which are not likely to detect transient or small degrees of ischemia. A new microvascular tissue oximeter probe (T-Stat) provides noninvasive real-time(More)
An electronic circuit for controlled electrical stimulation of the human brain has been designed to optimize safety in charge transfer from electrodes to brain and to eliminate the likelihood of unwanted currents from the neurostimulator resulting from component failure. The circuit schematics feature the following designs: (1) a highly accurate and(More)
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