Geunyoung Kim

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The plasma jet has been proposed as a novel therapeutic method for anticancer treatment. However, its biological effects and mechanism of action remain elusive. Here, we investigated its cell death effects and underlying molecular mechanisms, using air and N₂ plasma jets from a micro nozzle array. Treatment with air or N₂ plasma jets caused apoptotic death(More)
This paper presents an optimized design on surface acoustic wave (SAW)-based pressure sensor, which is composed of a broadband reflective delay line and a bond substrate underneath the diaphragm. Using the equivalent circuit model (ECM), the SAW device was simulated, and the effect of inter-digital transducer structure, acoustic aperture and number of(More)
This study examined the relative family-wise error (FWE) rate and statistical power of multivariate permutation tests (MPTs), Bonferroni-adjusted alpha, and uncorrected-alpha tests of significance for bivariate associations. Although there are many previous applications of MPTs, this is the first to apply it to testing bivariate associations.(More)
In this paper, we propose a miniature plasma-jet device for new cancer therapy and report the biological effects of atmospheric plasma on living cells found by investigating the DNA damage signal pathway. The micro plasma-jet device proposed in this paper has an array of 100 µm-size holes so that we can treat a large area with a cheap power system.(More)
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