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A Focused Asymmetric Metal–Insulator–Metal Tunneling Diode: Fabrication, DC Characteristics and RF Rectification Analysis
Asymmetric thin-film metal-insulator-metal (MIM) tunneling diodes have been demonstrated using the geometric field enhancement (GFE) technique in a Ni/NiO/Ni structure. The GFE technique providesExpand
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Gain and Losses and Room-Temperature Operation in Interband Cascade Lasers
Interband cascade laser structures with a different number of cascades and doping types and levels in the separate confinement and in the hole-injection regions were grown. The temperature dependenceExpand
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High Specificity Binding of Lectins to Carbohydrate-Functionalized Fiber Bragg Gratings: A New Model for Biosensing Applications
The functionalization of an etched fiber Bragg grating was realized using a carbohydrate-siloxane conjugate. No fluorescent probes were used. Concanavalin A bound with high specificity to the glucoseExpand
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Geometry enhanced asymmetric rectifying tunneling diodes
In this article, the authors show that geometric asymmetry in the layout of tunnel diodes yields asymmetry in the current-voltage (I-V) relationships associated with these diodes. Asymmetry improvesExpand
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Covalent Attachment of Carbohydrate Derivatives to an Evanescent Wave Fiber Bragg Grating Biosensor
A carbohydrate-based biosensor was prepared by functionalization of the surface of an etched fiber Bragg grating with a glucopyranosyl-siloxane conjugate. Expand
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Incoherent optical frequency domain reflectometry for health monitoring of avionics fiber optics networks
  • G. Ryu, M. Dagenais
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Avionics, Fiber-Optics and Photonics…
  • 17 October 2008
We present a highly sensitive, linear and high spatial resolution approach for the detection of flaws and spurious reflections in avionic optical fiber links based on the technique of incoherentExpand
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Thermal impedance of epi-up and epi-down interband cascade lasers
Thermal impedance of epi-up and epi-down interband cascade lasers is reported. Two-dimensional heat diffusion model to simulate the temperature distribution in a 6 cascades ICL mounted epi-up orExpand
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Power scaling diode lasers to high-brightness kW systems
The scalability of semiconductor diode lasers to multi-kilowatt power levels has increasing importance in direct diode material processing applications. These applications require hard-pulse on-offExpand
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Measurement of internal quantum efficiency and temperature dependence of gain and loss in interband cascade lasers near room-temperature
Recently, type-II interband cascade (IC) lasers operating around 3.5 µm have demonstrated continuous wave (cw) operation at room temperature [1]. Even though getting room-temperature operation was anExpand
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High Specificity Binding of Lectins to Carbohydrate Functionalized Etched Fiber Bragg Grating Optical Sensors
We present results demonstrating the high specificity binding of lectins, concanavalin A (ConA) and peanut agglutinin (PNA), to carbohydrate functionalized fiber Bragg gratings. ConA shows highExpand