Gethin Wyn Roberts

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Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows information stored digitally to be overlaid graphically on views of the real world. A vast amount of such information currently resides in office-based computer systems but is not readily accessible to engineers and managers in the field. This paper addresses research being undertaken for AR systems that(More)
Global positioning systems (GPS) have in recent years been increasingly used to monitor the deformations of large structures, particularly the deflections of long suspension bridges. When appropriately employed, and with the presence of a strong satellite geometry, GPS can supply timely and accurate structural deformation information. However, the(More)
BIOGRAPHY Dr Gethin Roberts is a senior lecturer at the University of Nottingham. He holds a PhD in Engineering Surveying and a Bachelors degree in Mining Engineering, both from The University of Nottingham. He is also the chairman of the FIG's Working Group 6.4 "Engineering Surveys for construction works and structural engineering", as well as chair of(More)
For the monitoring of man-made structures, and specifically suspension bridges, it is desirable for the measurement system to deliver equal precision in all position components, all the time. When using GPS, the accuracy, availability, reliability and integrity of the position solutions is very dependent on the number and geometric distribution of the(More)
In 2005 The UK Department for Trade and Industry (DTI) commenced funding a project called Visualising Integrated Information on Buried Assets to Reduce Streetworks (VISTA). The project aims to precisely map buried assets (gas pipes, telecom cables, etc) and increase the efficiency of the process in challenging environments such as in urban canyons, where(More)
SUMMARY The validation techniques applied in civil engineering is relatively less ripeness. We try to apply the validation technique that was proved effective in mechanical and aerospace engineering fields to large civil structures and build a reliable finite element model of civil structures, such as large bridges. The model can be used to detect the(More)
SUMMARY In satellite based positioning and navigation, the number and spatial distribution of the observed GNSS satellites are a function of the observation site. Insufficient number of satellites, poor geometry and weak signal in space (SIS) due to the obstructions of the surroundings are serious constraints to the various precise engineering applications.(More)