Gessen Fukatani

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Serum fucose content in the glycoprotein fraction was determined in various patients with malignant and benign diseases. The results showed that, in contrast to benign diseases, malignant diseases were characterized by an increased fucose content in the glycoprotein fraction. However, no significant difference was noted in the fucose levels in the(More)
Eighteen patients with bilateral bullae underwent simultaneous operations via median sternotomy. Each patient had giant bullae occupying at least one third of the each hemithorax and also had various degree of exertional dyspnea. All patients showed subjective as well as objective improvement and there was no mortality or morbidity. Late follow-up study for(More)
Blood samples were obtained prior to medical therapy from patients who were hospitalized in the First Department of Surgery of Kanazawa University Hospital and Ishikawa Prefectural Central Hospital. The present study is based upon 41 cases of malignant tumor consisting of 14 of stomach,13 oflung,4 ofbreast,2 ofthyroid, 2 ofmedias tinum, 2 leukemia, and 1(More)
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