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Studies have shown that up to 10% of the elderly drink daily and as much as 4% have alcoholism. Although many elders visit a primary care provider, the problem frequently is overlooked or misdiagnosed. We have found that primary care-based nursing is an effective treatment for older adults with alcoholism. In this article, we introduce the BRENDA model and(More)
Normaliz is a tool for the computation of Hilbert bases of normal affine monoids and related tasks. We describe the Macaulay2 interface to Normaliz. It makes Normaliz accessible for operations on monoid algebras in Macaulay2 and, conversely, makes Macaulay2 a front-end for Normaliz. THE PACKAGE AND ITS APPLICATIONS. Normaliz [BIS] solves a task that can be(More)
The Orlik-Solomon algebra of a matroid can be considered as a quotient ring over the exterior algebra E . At first we study homological properties of E-modules as e.g. complexity, depth and regularity. In particular, we consider modules with linear injective resolutions. We apply our results to Orlik-Solomon algebras of matroids and give formulas for the(More)
Surgical methods of augmenting cardiac function are gaining credibility among researchers as animal and human clinical trials continue around the world. The procedures themselves may vary slightly depending upon protocol and surgeon preference, but generally involve the use of skeletal muscle such as the latissimus dorsi. The muscle may be wrapped around(More)
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