Gervase Markham

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The incidence of abdominal pain during hysterosalpingography was assessed from replies to postal questionnaires completed by 42 patients receiving Diaginol Viscous and 23 patients receiving Dimer X: the questionnaires were analysed using a double-blind technique. In the Diaginol Viscous group, 58.5% of patients experienced moderate or severe pain during the(More)
We demonstrate the hohlraum radiation temperature and symmetry required for ignition-scale inertial confinement fusion capsule implosions. Cryogenic gas-filled hohlraums with 2.2 mm-diameter capsules are heated with unprecedented laser energies of 1.2 MJ delivered by 192 ultraviolet laser beams on the National Ignition Facility. Laser backscatter(More)
The idea that a pregnant woman may be so frightened by the sight of some deformity on another person that her baby will be affected by a similar defect is widely believed in most parts of the world today; it was also generally believed in the West until the early years of this century. The skepticism that then developed may have derived from lack of an(More)
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