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We studied the lateral and ventral pallial divisions of the claustroamygdaloid complex by means of analysis of expression patterns of the developmental regulatory genes Tbr1, Dbx1, Neurogenin 2, Emx1, Cadherin 8, and Semaphorin 5A in mouse developing telencephalon, from embryonic day 12.5 until birth. Our results indicate that these genes help to(More)
To better understand the organization and evolution of the dorsal thalamus, we have made a first approach to analyze the possible histogenetic compartments of the mammalian dorsal thalamus using mouse embryos. For that, we have analyzed the expression of the proneural gene Math4a and the protein calretinin. Our results suggest the existence of rostrodorsal,(More)
A martingale estimator for the expected discounted warranty cost process of a minimally repaired coherent system under its component level observation is proposed. Its asymptotic properties are also presented using the Martingale Central Limit Theorem. Resumen En este trabajo modelamos los costos de garantía descontados para un sistema coherente reparado(More)
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