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Methanoplanus limicola, a plate-shaped methanogen representing a novel family, the methanoplanaceae
An angular plate-shaped weakly motile mesophilic methanogen was isolated from a swamp of drilling waste in Italy and found to represent a new family, the Methanoplanaceae within the order Methanomicrobiales.
Methanothermus fervidus, sp. nov., a novel extremely thermophilic methanogen isolated from an Icelandic hot spring
A rod-shaped extremely thermophilic methanogen is described, growing between 65 and 97 °C with an optimal temperature around 83 °C and a doubling time of 170 min, indicating that the isolate belongs to a new family, the Methanothermaceae, within the order Methanobacteriales.
Taxonomic relations between archaebacteria including 6 novel genera examined by cross hybridization of DNAs and 16S rRNAs
DNAs from 16 species of archaebacteria including 6 novel isolates were hybridized with 16S rRNAs from 7 species representing different orders or groups of the urkingdom of arch aebacteria, revealing the same major divisions as that derived from comparative cataloging of16S rRNA sequences.