Gertrud Rosenberg

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In 2011 and 2012, outbreaks of clinical canine babesiosis were observed in 2 areas of the Swiss Midlands that had no history of this disease so far. In one area, cases of canine babesiosis occurred over 2 consecutive tick seasons. The outbreaks involved 29 dogs, 4 of which died. All dogs were infected with large Babesia sp. as diagnosed in Giemsa-stained(More)
Trichinellosis is a food-borne zoonotic disease caused by the nematode Trichinella spp. Many omnivorous and carnivorous animal species can act as host for this parasite, including domestic pigs. To protect public health, it should be ensured that pork should not contain infective Trichinella larvae. Surveillance for Trichinella spp. can be done using direct(More)
At present, there are few alternatives to institutional care for our aging citizens, because nearly all efforts to help the elderly have been directed toward the institutional setting. Supporting services for those older persons who could continue living at home are either inadequate or nonexistent in most communities. Because of these gaps in services,(More)
Fracture of the hip is a common traumatic event in the elderly. Surgical repair is the treatment of choice for most patients, but represents only the first phase in the total rehabilitation of the patient. A comprehensive team approach, involving the patient, the family, the physician, nursing personnel and rehabilitation staff, is mandatory if the elderly(More)
Pneumonia used to be considered the old person's friend, and it is still a major factor in the life and death of many old people. Most articles dealing with pneumonia in the elderly concentrate on diagnostic problems and advances in treatment, invasive procedures and intensive care. Little consideration is given to the ethical issues involved in the(More)
The purpose of the present study was based upon the first diagnosed bovine cutaneous leishmaniasis in a cow in Switzerland in April 2009. We continued descriptively the search for other bovine cases in Switzerland. We carried out similar investigations in the original farm where the case had occurred, and in parallel also in the neighboring farm.(More)
The present study describes the occurrence of intestinal parasite infections in livestock guardian dogs and herding dogs. A total of 71 guardian dogs (more than half of the total number of guardian dogs in Switzerland) and 21 herding dogs were coprologically examined, using a combined sedimentation-flotation method. In 21 (23 %) of the dogs intestinal(More)
BACKGROUND Vascular cognitive impairment (VCI) is a heterogeneous entity with multiple aetiologies, all linked to underlying vascular disease. Among these, VCI related to subcortical small vessel disease (SSVD) is emerging as a major homogeneous subtype. Its progressive course raises the need for biomarker identification and/or development for adequate(More)
Little can be done to slow biological aging. However, some measures can be taken to minimize the effects of certain diseases and conditions associated with aging. These measures include dietary and drug manipulations and changes in lifestyle. For many conditions, early changes in lifestyle would be far more effective than remedial efforts for end-stage(More)
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