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Passive electroreception is a widespread sense in fishes and amphibians, but in mammals this sensory ability has previously only been shown in monotremes. While the electroreceptors in fish and amphibians evolved from mechanosensory lateral line organs, those of monotremes are based on cutaneous glands innervated by trigeminal nerves. Electroreceptors(More)
Im Sommersemester 2006 wurde den Studierenden der Humanmedizin des Universitätsklinikums Frankfurt (2. vorklinisches Semester) die Möglichkeit geboten, über ein " MediaWiki " Vorlesungsmitschriften (Anatomie) kooperativ zu erstellen. Von 600 Studierenden registrierten sich 205, aktiv erstellten 13 Studierende insgesamt 22 Artikel. In Umfragen (Studierende,(More)
In the context of nationwide protests 2009 also students of the faculty of medicine/dentistry at Goethe-University in Frankfurt demanded more transparency and communication. To satisfy these demands, a web 2.0-tool offered an innovative solution: A blog-based online-magazine for students and other faculty-members. The online-magazine "PULS." is realized(More)
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