Gertraud Koellner

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The ternary complex of purine nucleoside phosphorylase from E. coli with formycin B and a sulphate or phosphate ion crystallized in the hexagonal space group P6122 with unit cell dimensions a=123.11, c=241.22 A and three monomers per asymmetric unit. The biologically active hexamer is formed through 2-fold crystallographic symmetry, constituting a trimer of(More)
A comprehensive structural analysis of X--H...pi hydrogen bonding in proteins is performed based on 592 published high-resolution crystal structures (< or = 1.6 A). All potential donors and acceptors are considered, including acidic C--H groups. The sample contains 1311 putative X--H...pi hydrogen bonds with N--H, O--H or S--H donors, that is about one per(More)
Trimeric calf spleen purine nucleoside phosphorylase has been complexed with hypoxanthine via phosphorolysis of inosine in the presence of phosphate. The resulting, "Michaelis" complex (three hypoxanthine molecules per trimer), presumed to be formed under these conditions, crystallized in the cubic space group P2(1)3, with unit cell dimension a = 94.11 A(More)
The crystal structure of the ternary complex of hexameric purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) from Escherichia coli with formycin A derivatives and phosphate or sulphate ions is determined at 2.0 A resolution. The hexamer is found as a trimer of unsymmetric dimers, which are formed by pairs of monomers with active sites in different conformations. The(More)
Buried water molecules and the water molecules in the active-site gorge are analyzed for five crystal structures of acetylcholinesterase from Torpedo californica in the resolution range 2.2-2.5 A (native enzyme, and four inhibitor complexes). A total of 45 buried hydration sites are identified, which are populated with between 36 and 41 water molecules.(More)
The calf spleen purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) ternary complex with an N(7)-acycloguanosine inhibitor and a phosphate ion has been crystallized in the cubic space group P2(1)3, with unit-cell parameter a = 94.11 A and one monomer per asymmetric unit. X-ray diffraction data were collected using synchrotron radiation (Station X31, EMBL Outstation,(More)
The influence of phosphate, ionic strength, temperature and enzyme concentration on the oligomeric structure of calf spleen purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) in solution was studied by analytical ultracentrifugation methods. Sedimentation equilibrium analysis used to directly determine the enzyme molecular mass revealed a trimeric molecule with Mr =(More)
The commercially available enzyme purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) from Cellulomonas sp. was purified by ion--exchange chromatography, partially sequenced and crystallized in two different crystal forms using the hanging-drop vapour-diffusion technique. Crystal form A grows as polyeders and/or cubes in the cubic space group P4232 with unit-cell(More)
In contact with mother liquor, crystalline beta-cyclodextrin (beta-CD) hydrate has composition approximately beta-CD.12H2O. If crystals are dried at ambient conditions (18 degrees C, approximately 50% humidity), the unit cell volume diminishes approximately 30 to 50 A3. X-ray structure analysis of a dry crystal (0.89 A resolution, 4617 data, R = 0.059)(More)