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To evaluate the efficacy or iridium-192 high-dose rate (HDR) endobronchial brachytherapy for the palliation of symptoms caused by endobronchial metastases of non-bronchogenic primaries. Patients and(More)
Four men established a new score (Guinness Book of Records) by staying submersed in thermoneutral water (average diving depth 2.5 m) for 41 h without sleeping. The aim of this study is to measure(More)
Until recently asthma was considered a contraindication for scuba diving due to possible "air trapping" and subsequent barotrauma. However, in view of the wide prevalence and heterogeneity of the(More)
Trotz rückläufiger und niedriger Inzidenz ist die Tuberkulose (TBC) als ansteckende und meldepflichtige Krankheit in Mitteleuropa unverändert von Bedeutung. Die Lungentuberkulose stellt dabei die(More)
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