Gert Trausinger

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Untargeted metabolomics generates a huge amount of data. Software packages for automated data processing are crucial to successfully process these data. A variety of such software packages exist, but the outcome of data processing strongly depends on algorithm parameter settings. If they are not carefully chosen, suboptimal parameter settings can easily(More)
Histone acetylation depends on the abundance of nucleo-cytoplasmic acetyl-CoA. Here, we present a novel route for cytoplasmic acetyl-CoA production in brown adipocytes. N-acetylaspartate (NAA) is a highly abundant brain metabolite catabolized by aspartoacylase yielding aspartate and acetate. The latter can be further used for acetyl-CoA production. Prior to(More)
BACKGROUND Unlike xylose-converting natural yeasts, recombinant strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing the same xylose assimilation pathway produce under anaerobic conditions xylitol rather than ethanol from xylose at low specific xylose conversion rates. Despite intense research efforts over the last two decades, differences in these phenotypes(More)
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