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BACKGROUND While individual mortuaries have recorded data for non-natural deaths in time-limited studies, there have been no systematic efforts to draw forensic-medical services and state mortuaries into a nationwide fatal injury surveillance system. Beginning in June 1998, the National Non-Natural Mortality Surveillance System (NMSS) commenced pilot(More)
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) has been reported to be the leading cause of death in infants under 1 year of age in many countries. Unfortunately, a paucity of published research data exists in South Africa, with regard to the incidence of and investigation into the circumstances surrounding Sudden Unexplained Deaths in Infants (SUDI) and/or SIDS.(More)
INTRODUCTION South Africa manifests a socio-economic dichotomy that shows features of both a developed and developing country. As a result of this, areas exist where a lack of resources and expertise prevents the implementation of a highly standardized protocol for the investigation of sudden and unexpected deaths in infants (SUDI). Although the(More)
A 25-night single-blind cross over design was employed to determine the long-term effects of clozapine on the sleep patterns of six normal young adults. Subjects received 12.50 mg placebo on the first and last five nights, whereas on the intermediate 15 nights 12.5 mg clozapine was administered. The subjects slept in the laboratory on the third and fourth(More)