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Chitosan is known for its hemostatic and antimicrobial properties and might be useful for temporary coating of removable dentures or intraoral splints to control bleeding after oral surgery or as a supportive treatment in denture stomatitis. This study investigated a new method to adhere chitosan to polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polyethylene(More)
OBJECTIVES Polyamide-12 (PA) is a flexible material suited for denture bases and clasping. This study investigated its potential aging effects with a focus on surface roughness, color stability, and elasticity. METHODS PA specimens (Valplast) of 40×10×2 mm and equally measuring PMMA specimens (Palapress) as control were fabricated. Color changes after(More)
Telescopic crowns are used to connect removable dental prostheses with the remaining dentition. Several material combinations are used for manufacturing primary and secondary crowns. The present experimental study analysed the influence of different material combinations on the long-term development of surface roughness and pull-off forces. Six different(More)
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