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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In nursing practice, research results have to undergo a systematic process of transformation. Currently in Austria, there is no empirical data available concerning the actual implementation of research results. An English validated questionnaire was translated into German and tested for validity and reliability. METHOD A survey of(More)
BACKGROUND Efficient actions to fight elder abuse are highly dependent on reliable dimensions of the phenomenon. Accurate measures are nevertheless difficult to achieve owing to the sensitivity of the topic. Different research endeavours indicate varying prevalence rates, which are explained by different research designs and definitions used, but little is(More)
BACKGROUND The concrete application of research findings in nursing practice is a multidimensional process. In Austria, there are currently no results available that explain the impact of and association with the implementation of research in hospitals. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to investigate influences and relationships of individual attitudes(More)
This article examines the ecological risk factors of abuse against older women. Data from 2,880 older women were randomly collected in five European countries (Austria, Belgium, Finland, Lithuania, and Portugal) using a standardized questionnaire. Results indicate that overall 30.1 % older women had at least one experience of abuse in the past year. The(More)
This article describes health promotion for older people in the Czech Republic from the European perspective. It is based on findings from the European project healthPROelderly. Implementation of health promotion in the Czech republic as a new public health concept is outlined from the historical point of view. Structures and processes of health promotion(More)
This article reports on the validation of the German version of the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (WEMWBS) in a community-based sample of adults living in Vienna, Austria (n = 625). For psychometric property testing, survey data were rigorously analysed with advanced multivariate methods under aspects of validity and reliability. The properties(More)
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