Gert Knutsson

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The discharge of albumin, IgG and fibrinogen in dentinal fluid released from freshly exposed dentine was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Data were compared with the relative concentrations of these proteins in the interstitial fluid of the pulp. The sampling procedure involved retrieval of phosphate-buffered saline placed in cavities(More)
The natural acidification of groundwater in some types of environment has accelerated by acid atmospheric emissions and cultivation during the last 200 years. The direct effects are seen in changes of the groundwater chemistry in four stages, (1) seasonal depression of pH, alkalinity and some cations in very shallow groundwater, (2) long-term increase of(More)
A variety of medicaments used on dentine in various treatment procedures may cause a reduction in dentine permeability. By observing the flow of endogenous serum albumin across exposed dentine, agents known to promote dentine bonding of restorative resins or retard dentine sensitivity were assessed regarding their capacity to arrest dentinal fluid flow.(More)
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