Gert Jan B. van Ommen

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Only a small proportion of cancers result from familial cancer syndromes with Mendelian inheritance. Nonfamilial, 'sporadic' cancers, which represent most cancer cases, also have a significant hereditary component, but the genes involved have low penetrance and are extremely difficult to detect. Therefore, mapping and cloning of quantitative trait loci(More)
drown in a sea of false-positive results before reaching the shore of genuine effects. Many causative genetic variants of moderate effect will inevitably have to be discarded by GWAS due to insufficient sample sizes. This has already become evident by the strength of successfully replicated disease associations which, for most published GWAS, were at the(More)
The genetic basis of cardiovascular disease (CVD) with its complex etiology is still largely elusive. Plasma levels of lipids and apolipoproteins are among the major quantitative risk factors for CVD and are well-established intermediate traits that may be more accessible to genetic dissection than clinical CVD end points. Chromosome 19 harbors multiple(More)
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