Gert J. Heckman

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In this paper we study matrix valued orthogonal polynomials of one variable associated with a compact connected Gelfand pair (G,K) of rank one, as a generalization of earlier work by Koornwinder [29] and subsequently by Koelink, van Pruijssen and Roman [27], [28] for the pair (SU(2) × SU(2), SU(2)), and by Grünbaum, Pacharoni and Tirao [13] for the pair(More)
We discuss a special eigenstate of the quantized periodic Calogero­ Moser system associated to a root system. This state has the property that its eigenfunctions, when regarded as multivalued functions on the space of regular conjugacy classes in the corresponding semisimple complex Lie group, trans­ form under monodromy according to the complex reflection(More)
Mice display a wide repertoire of vocalizations that varies with age, sex, and context. Especially during courtship, mice emit ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) of high complexity, whose detailed structure is poorly understood. As animals of both sexes vocalize, the study of social vocalizations requires attributing single USVs to individuals. The(More)