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Nonreturn rates to professional technician service of 7240 first AI Holstein cows were calculated to evaluate differences between once daily and a.m.-p.m. AI. To determine whether management practices affected nonreturn rates, participating herd owners were surveyed for methods used for detection of estrus. Nonreturn rates for once daily and a.m.-p.m. AI(More)
An electronic probe with parallel stainless steel electrodes was designed to measure changes in electrical resistance in the anterior vagina associated with increased cervical mucus secretion at estrus. Three groups of Holsteins were probed, and a sample of residual milk after milking was taken for progesterone assay every 2nd day for 28 to 40 days. Group I(More)
Consider a complex projective space with its Fubini-Study metric. We study certain one parameter deformations of this metric on the complement of an arrangement (= finite union of hyperplanes) whose Levi-Civita connection is of Dunkl type. Interesting examples are obtained from the arrangements defined by finite complex reflection groups. We determine a(More)
We discuss a special eigenstate of the quantized periodic Calogero-Moser system associated to a root system. This state has the property that its eigenfunctions, when regarded as multivalued functions on the space of regular conjugacy classes in the corresponding semisimple complex Lie group, transform under monodromy according to the complex reflection(More)
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