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In this article we argue that the City Monitor for Sustainable Urban Development in the Flanders (Belgium) acknowledges two kinds of complexities. Firstly, the set of almost 200 SDIs (Sustainable Development Indicators) is positioned in complex and strategic decision-making processes in Flemish cities. In this respect, this learning instrument contains(More)
The 37 Ar(n th ,α) 34 S and 37 Ar(n th ,p) 37 Cl reactions were studied at the high flux reactor of the ILL in Grenoble. For the 37 Ar(n th ,α 0) 34 S and 37 Ar(n th ,p) 37 Cl reaction cross sections, values of (1070 ± 80) b and (37 ± 4) b, respectively, were obtained. Both values are about a factor 2 smaller than results of older measurements. The observed(More)
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