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Software product lines (or system families) have achieved considerable adoption by the software industry. A software product line captures the commonalities between a set of products while providing for the differences. Differences are managed by d elaying design decisions, thereby introducing variation points. The whole of variation points is typically(More)
The research into the Ariadne system-and its coordination language HOPLa-aims to provide generic support for hybrid collaborative processes. These are complex information processing tasks involving coordinated contributions from multiple people and tools. Ariadne should applicable for a broad spectrum of these processes and actively support people in(More)
Virtually every non-trivial software system exhibits variability: the property that the set of features—characteristics of the system that are relevant to some stakeholder— can be changed at certain points in the system's deployment life-cycle. Some features can be bound only at specific moments in the life-cycle, while some can be bound at several distinct(More)
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