Gert D. Billing

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Nitrous oxide (N2O) plays an important role in greenhouse warming and ozone depletion. Yung and Miller’s zero point energy (ZPE) model for the photolysis of N2O isotopomers was able to explain atmospheric isotopomer distributions without invoking in situ chemical sources. Subsequent experiments showed enrichment factors twice those predicted by the ZPE(More)
The sensitivity of molecular vibrational population dynamics, governing the CO laser operated in fundamental and overtone transitions, to vibration-tovibration rate constants is investigated. With this aim, three rate constant sets have been used, differing in their completeness (i.e. accounting for singlequantum exchange only, or for multi-quantum exchange(More)
A model describing the full quantum mechanical three body problem of the hydrogen molecular ion is presented, and some of the numerical results are subsequently discussed. The overall numerical scheme is based on a variation principle for the matrix representation of the scattering problem set up using grid-methods (e.g. finite element method) and(More)
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