Gert Brettlecker

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DelosDLMS is a prototype of a next-generation Digital Library (DL) management system. It is realized by combining various specialized DL functionalities provided by partners of the DELOS network of excellence. Currently, DelosDLMS combines text and audiovisual searching, offers new information visualization and relevance feedback tools, provides novel(More)
Future information spaces such as Digital Libraries require new infrastructures that allow to use and to combine various kinds of functions in a unified and reliable way. The paradigm of service-oriented architectures (SoA) allows providing application functionality in a modular , self-contained way and to individually combine this functionality. The paper(More)
New sensor technologies, powerful mobile devices, and wireless communication standards strongly proliferate ubiquitous and pervasive computing. This is particularly true for healthcare applications. Modern non-invasive unobtrusive sensors enable sophisticated monitoring of the human body. As a result of this monitoring a growing amount of elderly people(More)
Keywords: Data streams Reliability Formal data stream model Checkpointing Stream operator migration Mobile information management a b s t r a c t The proliferation of sensor technology, especially in the context of embedded systems, has brought forward novel types of applications that make use of streams of continuously generated sensor data. Many(More)
Recent advances in sensor technologies, wireless communication, powerful mobile devices, and wearable computers strongly support novel types of applications. Especially in healthcare, telemonitoring applications will make use of this new technology to improve the quality of treatment and care for patients and the elderly. These telemonitoring applications(More)
The proliferation of software and hardware sensors which continuously create large amounts of data has significantly facilitated novel types of applications such as healthcare telemonitoring or roadside traffic management. All these applications demand new mechanisms for online processing and analysis of relevant data coming from multiple data streams.(More)
Pervasive Computing leads to dramatic changes in information technology in general: As aconsequence of enormous progress in processor speed and storage capacity and-atthe same time-extreme reduction in size and power consumption computers will be more and more invisible. Theycan be embedded into clothes or into tools of our daily life. Progress in wireless(More)
Digital libraries in healthcare are hosting an inherently large collection of digital information. Especially in medical digital libraries, this information needs to be analyzed and processed in a timely manner. Sensor data streams, for instance, providing continuous information on patients have to be processed on-line in order to detect critical(More)