Gert Bernhard

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The underground uranium mine Königstein (Saxony, Germany), currently in the process of remediation, represents an underground acid mine drainage (AMD) environment, that is, low pH conditions and high concentrations of heavy metals including uranium, in which eye-catching biofilm formations were observed. During active uranium mining from 1984 to 1990,(More)
Interferon alpha-2a (IFN-alpha) and folinic acid (FA) have been shown to modulate the cytotoxic effects of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) in the treatment of cancer. A phase II study was initiated to evaluate the effect of a combination of 5-FU/FA/IFN-alpha in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Sixty previously untreated patients with advanced adenocarcinoma(More)
Biosorption of actinides like uranium by fungal cells can play an important role in the mobilization or immobilization of these elements in nature. Sorption experiments of U(VI) with Schizophyllum commune at different initial uranium concentrations and varying metal speciation showed high uranium sorption capacities in the pH range of 4–7. A combination of(More)
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