Gershon Rother

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Storage of anthropogenic CO2 in geological formations relies on a caprock as the primary seal preventing buoyant super-critical CO2 escaping. Although natural CO2 reservoirs demonstrate that CO2 may be stored safely for millions of years, uncertainty remains in predicting how caprocks will react with CO2-bearing brines. This uncertainty poses a significant(More)
Asymmetric poly(ethylene-alt-propylene)-poly(ethylene oxide) micelles: A system with star-like morphology and interactions 1a Dielectric and thermal relaxation in the energy landscape 1a Biofizika 52, 799-803 (2007) Dynamic properties of RecA protein filaments from E-coli and P-aeruginosa investigated by neutron spin echo 1a Eur. Effect of nanoscopic(More)
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