Gershon Celniker

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Evolutionary data can often supplement our incomplete understanding of structure-function relationships in proteins, DNA and RNA. For example, methods of protein structure prediction that make use of existing structures, either in the form of full protein templates or short fragments, are generally more accurate than current molecular dynamics simulations(More)
MOTIVATION The study of RNA virus populations is a challenging task. Each population of RNA virus is composed of a collection of different, yet related genomes often referred to as mutant spectra or quasispecies. Virologists using deep sequencing technologies face major obstacles when studying virus population dynamics, both experimentally and in natural(More)
Positively charged electrostatic patches on protein surfaces are usually indicative of nucleic acid binding interfaces. Interestingly, many proteins which are not involved in nucleic acid binding possess large positive patches on their surface as well. In some cases, the positive patches on the protein are related to other functional properties of the(More)
PURPOSE To explore the molecular basis of familial, early onset, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with diverse phenotypes, using whole exome sequencing (WES). METHODS We performed WES on four patients (two sibs from two families) manifesting early-onset AMD and searched for disease-causing genetic variants in previously identified macular(More)
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