Gerry Musgrave

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A multiple-electrode intracochlear implant that provides 21 stimulus channels has been designed for use in young children. It is smaller than the adult version and has magnets to facilitate the attachment of the headset. It has been implanted in two children aged 5 and 10 years. The two children both lost hearing in their third year, when they were still(More)
To simulate tri-state logic in a non-pessimistic way, a six valued algebra is shown to be necessary. This is then extended to quin-state logic (strong 0, strong 1, weak 0, weak 1, high impedance) and a fifteen valued algebra. The improved accuracy is as important for fault simulation as for design verification. The requirements for non-pessimistic test(More)
The growing complexity of devices to be designed and manufactured, and the need to reduce the time–to–market, stress the importance of sound design methodologies. In this framework formal synthesis has the advantage of increasing the quality both of the design process and of the realized devices. The problem of relating the different abstraction levels(More)
DATE98 builds on the success of ED&TC (already a unification of EDAC, ETC. and EuroASIC), as well as that of EuroDAC (which wa\ held jointly with the EuroVHDL conference). In recognition of this initiative, all the major institutwns and associations are supporting this event. It is bringing together the whole community from the learned academic through to(More)