Gerry Bennett

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OBJECTIVE To estimate the annual cost of treating pressure ulcers in the UK. DESIGN Costs were derived from a bottom-up methodology, based on the daily resources required to deliver protocols of care reflecting good clinical practice. SETTING Health and social care system in the UK. SUBJECTS Patients developing a pressure ulcer. METHODS A bottom-up(More)
A 95-year-old woman was admitted to hospital with a fractured neck of femur following a fall. There was no past history of note other than numerous episodes of "funny turns" preceding falls some of which resulted in fractures. During her admission she had a "funny turn". Immediate investigations revealed hypoglycaemia and subsequent biochemical(More)
THERE is ample evidence in the literature, collated and summarized by Roux (1954) and Bonnet (1954), that cortisone and ACTH are, generally speaking, effective in reducing the duration and intensity of the disease process in temporal arteritis. This has now been proved by serial biopsy (Harrison, Harrison, and Kopelman, 1955), though early reports were(More)
Although this condition was well described by von Graefe (1866), it was not until after the first world war that coherent observations with multiple cases were forthcoming. With the exception of a few isolated cases described by Batten (1921), Cassidy and Gifford (1922), and Hudson (1926), these originated either in Japan or on the continent of Europe. Thus(More)
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