Gerrit Van Der Merwe

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Liver and kidney copper (Cu) and selenium (Se) concentrations were studied over a 7-month period after parenteral supplementation using Cu heptonate and barium (Ba) selenate in 44 8-month-old South African (SA) Mutton Merino wethers. Responses in plasma Cu and blood Se concentrations, as well as fecundity were also measured in a breeding flock of SA Mutton(More)
The copper (Cu) and selenium (Se) status of SA Mutton Merino ewes grazing kikuyu-ryegrass pastures was investigated by analysing blood and liver samples. The response of ewes to oral supplementation with Cu, Cobalt (Co) and Se as single elements, or in 4 combinations were simultaneously assessed in a 2 x 2 x 2 factorial experiment. Pastures grazed were low(More)
The effect of selenium (Se) supplementation of ewes with blood Se concentrations ranging between 100-200 ng/ml on embryonic survival during the early post-mating period (days 15-35) was studied in 4 trials. In the 1st 2 trials 137 ewes were used in 1991 and 118 in 1992. After being mated as a single flock, these ewes were stratified randomly into 3 groups.(More)
A commercial fertiliser, consisting of a poorly soluble barium selenate core with a coating of highly soluble sodium selenite, was evaluated in 2 trials for the provision of selenium (Se) to grazing sheep. The fertiliser was administered at a level of 1 kg per hectare to 3 of 6 kikuyu paddocks during 1995 and 1996 in Trial 1, while the other paddocks were(More)
Traumatic optic neuropathy is an uncommon, yet serious, result of facial trauma. The authors present a novel case of a 59-year-old gentleman who presented with an isolated blunt traumatic left optic nerve hematoma causing vision loss. There were no other injuries or fractures to report. This case highlights the importance of early recognition of this rare(More)
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