Gerrit P J van Kranenburg

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The goal of the present study was to develop and evaluate an isometric dynamometer for measuring mouse ankle flexor torque after electric stimulation of the nerve. The dynamometer was to be used within an magnetic resonance (MR) apparatus and should require minimal surgical intervention. To quantify the effect of the magnetic field on contractile(More)
Physical exercise training is a powerful tool to maintain or improve mitochondrial density and function (mitochondrial capacity). This study aims to determine whether mitochondrial capacity is also associated with habitual physical activity in daily life (PADL). The capacity of classic markers for mitochondrial density, i.e., the capacity of citrate(More)
To search for morphological changes in muscle, related to overuse syndromes of muscle due to exercise, groups of untrained rats ran on a treadmill for 1 h at submaximal intensity. Each group was sacrificed at a different interval after the end of the exercise. To evaluate the physiologic load, the colonic temperature and blood lactate level were determined.(More)
Creatine kinase (CK) forms a small family of isoenzymes playing an important role in maintaining the concentration of ATP and ADP in muscle cells. To delineate the impact of a lack of CK activity, we studied contractile performance during a single maximal tetanic contraction and during 12 repeated tetanic contractions of intact dorsal flexors of CK knockout(More)
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