Gerrit Meixner

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The workshop on model-driven development of advanced user interfaces will be a forum of multi-disciplinary discussion on how to integrate model-driven development with the often more informal methodologies used in user-centered design. Starting point of the discussion will be the tools, models, methods and experiences of the workshop participants.
For the design and development of graphical user interfaces, designers have to take various guidelines, standards and target platform characteristics into account. This is often a hard and time consuming activity because guidelines are spread over multiple documents using different styles, and furthermore it requires considerable effort to verify whether a(More)
Industrial production and supply chains face an increased demand for mass-customization and tightening regulations for the traceability of goods, leading to higher requirements concerning flexibility, adaptability and transparency of processes. Technologies for the “Internet of Things” such as smart products and semantic representations pave(More)
The impact of user interface quality has grown in software system engineering. This importance will grow further with upcoming new paradigms such as Ambient Intelligence or Ubiquitous Computing. These paradigms confront the production industry with a new diversity of usage situations. In previous work, we have shown the adaptation of a task-oriented,(More)
Einleitung Die Optimierung der Interaktion zwischen Menschen und Computern ist seit vielen Jahrzehnten ein essenzielles Thema bei der täglichen Arbeit. Auch heute erfolgt die Interaktion in den meisten Fällen noch über grafische Benutzungsschnittstellen. Die Interaktion des Menschen mit einem Computer über multimodale Benutzungsschnittstellen (Kombination(More)