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A minimum spanning tree of an undirected graph can be easily obtained using classical algorithms by Prim or Kruskal. A number of algorithms have been proposed to enumerate all spanning trees of an undirected graph. Good time and space complexities are the major concerns of these algorithms. Most algorithms generate spanning trees using some fundamental cut(More)
This paper presents a multiaccess strategy for use over optical fibre ring networks employing two counter rotating rings, and using wavelength division multiplexing. Transmitters employ tunable lasers, while receivers employ one or more fixed wavelength filters. The paper introduces an algorithm for the optimal assignment of the receivers to the channels,(More)
Despite the growing role of barge transportation in the hinterland access of major seaports in Northwestern Europe, service network design for intermodal barge transportation has received little research attention. In this paper, a decision support model for service network design in intermodal barge transportation is presented. The model determines optimal(More)
Editorial The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is a key to efficient transportation management and supply-chain coordination. In broad terms, it deals with the optimal assignment of a set of transportation orders to a fleet of vehicles, and the sequencing of stops for each vehicle. The VRP has a large number of real-life applications and comes in many guises,(More)
This paper focuses on the automatic interaction detection (AID)-technique, which belongs to the class of decision tree data mining techniques. The AID-technique explains the variance of a dependent variable through an exhaustive and repeated search of all possible relations between the (binary) predictor variables and the dependent variable. This search(More)
A production line is studied with several machines in series. The machines are separated with finite buffers. They can break down and have to be repaired. Production is assumed to be continuous, i.e. no individual products can be identified. Analytical models for such a system are scarce. Analytical results for the throughput can be obtained only under very(More)