Gerrit Joost Meuzelaar

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Chlorodifluoromethyl phenyl sulfone, a previously unknown compound that can be readily prepared from non-ODS-based precursors, was found to act as a robust difluorocarbene reagent for O- and N-difluoromethylations.
Precipitated kraft lignin from black liquor was converted into green diesel in three steps. A mild Ni-catalyzed transfer hydrogenation/hydrogenolysis using 2-propanol generated a lignin residue in which the ethers, carbonyls, and olefins were reduced. An organocatalyzed esterification of the lignin residue with an in situ prepared tall oil fatty acid(More)
7- and 8-substituted 6alpha,14alpha-ethenoisomorphinans were synthesized by reaction of properly substituted morphinan-6,8-dienes (analogues of thebaine) with methyl vinyl ketone or ethyl acrylate. Reaction with the appropriate Grignard reagent gave the 7- and 8-dialkylmethanols, respectively. Cleavage of the 3-methyl ether with KOH/glycol or boron(More)
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